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Posted by Matt Zhou on 2018-11-27

Minor setbacks as well as health issue

My initial plan was to finish freecodecamp's algorithms cert within this year, plus udemy's javascript algorithms and data structures course. Built my own portfolio, as well as one more front end mock up site. Right now the only thing I have finished was my portfolio. I have to say that I am pretty pleased with the end result I have.

portfolio 5.0

At the beginning of November, I had to go for a health check up because I was suspecting that I had carpal tunnel syndrome. And it turns out was my neck. And the doctor I was seeing suggest me to "take a break" from whatever I was doing and go do physical therapy instead.

And a week later my macbook pro (2017 non-touchbar version) starting to give me issue (again). I sent in my machine so that apple can swap me out a new one.

So the TLDR version was I couldn't code as much as I used to. Then again, I am starting to feel kind of anxious whenever I am doing algorithms on freecodecamp. Prior than all of this, I coded 4 hours a day, straight up for 2 months. I think that I started to get a little burnt out. And the feeling that I am going to get technical interviewed later down the road had made me worried.

Right now I am trying to pick up my rhythm by coding a little bit everyday. Hopefully things will work out no matter how much I can learn within these 2,3 months before I am going back to Singapore.

For anyone of you guys who are still learning to code, how do you guys get back from burnt out like this?

For any developers out there, how did you cope with these kinds of syndromes when you were just starting out learning to code? Does it get easier once someone starting to pay you for doing this? Because right now everything seems like a non-ending grind.

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