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Posted by Matt Zhou on 2019-02-06

January-February Update

Projects I have finished

Stuff I am currently doing

  • Build my own brand: slowpacedcoding

    1. Set up my own color theme when it comes to everything related to this brand.
    2. Created twitter account for this brand.
    4. Starting to fully migrate this blog to Gatsby.
    5. Designed the main page layout.

    6. Designed the blog layout.

    7. Used Gatsby starting to build out the page.

    8. Created a linked youtube channel.

    I have a lot of work to do when it comes to building my own brand. Currently the highest priority is to make the blog work on gatsby. I did a lot of research online just to learn how to work with react as well as how to build a blog on gatsby.

Pending Projects In Near Future

  • Rebuilt my portfolio.

    • Change the color theme to my own one.
    • Add in recent project (
    • Should I use REACT to do this?? Or it is not necessary
  • final version, version 4.

    • Needs a UI change up
    • Make the youtube video section an infinite scrollable one.
    • Hence keep learning about HTTP request, API calls, AJAX, fetch, async await.

Long term goal

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