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Posted by Matt Zhou on 2018-12-09

December Update (Youtube and API project started)


The road of becoming a developer is often tough, and most of the time you feel that you are not doing enough. Last month I hit a mental block where I just can't do algorithms for 2,3 hours a day anymore. So, I took a rest. The algorithms do not scare me, the fact that some day I will go through technical interview and getting "scored" by other devs does.

After resting for 3 weeks, I went back to coding. I have already finished my personal portfolio site using plain HTML CSS. link No CSS framework used. Fully responsive on mobile as well as desktop. But my javascript game is still a bit weak. I needed practice. So I started another project, where I need to utilize youtube's API as well as's API.

Embedding those two into webpage was kind of easy, but I realized that I need to find a way to get JSON from youtube's server then append all those data into HTML code. This becomes the biggest challenge for me. I started to comb through youtube's DATA api V3 document , as well as watching online tutorials about all the ways you can get JSON data from server using HTTP request.

Then I saw this on reddit:

learn about server and HTTP request first

I think that I need to go back to the basic, learning all these before I continue to dig into my project. I got so many helpful answers on reddit, which I am really grateful. The programming community is awesome.

Most importantly , I've found my learning pace again. I can code 2-3 hours a day, without getting burnt out and still having that passion to code the next day. this is really critical when it comes to learning programming on your own.


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